Sunday, October 11, 2009

Transfer tomorrow???

Day 2 results:
We still have 7 little guys growing strong. 
We only need one.
Or two little babies.
So then why am I disappointed that there are only 7? 
7 is good.
Again, we only need ONE.

The nurse said that 7 are "cleaving" (that just means growing and dividing) and that we're scheduled for the transfer for tomorrow.  It's supposed to be at 12:45 and we need to be in Rockville at 12:15 with a "moderately full" bladder.  That's a always a tough one to control.  The first time i drank soooo much water on the way there, I was practically crying when I got into the room.  They allowed me to do a "10-second release" which was not easy but it helped.  By the time we got to the next cycle, I drank some water 10 minutes before and was good to go.  Still, I get all nervous (me? nervous?) about making sure I have the right amount of water.  And then after the procedure (takes only 10 minutes or so) I hate it because I want to get up right away because I have to pee so bad. 

Anyway, it supposed to be tomorrow but since it's scheduled so late, it gives them time to decide that we'll wait til Wednesday.  I prefer to wait til Wednesday.  By then the embryos become blastocycsts and the ones that make it to that stage have a better chance of working out since they can tell who is strongest more easily (straight up survival of the fittest).  If they do it tomorrow, it's still good though, so no worries.  I just hate that I can't really make plans or anything.  Luckily it's Columbus Day and I'm off anyway...Russ isn't though.

So now I sit and I contemplate things that are out of my control.  The doctors want me pregnant really badly too.  They know what they're doing.  If they want to put the little guys in me tomorrow, it's for a good reason.  There is really nothing for me to worry about.  While I'm not a fan of the phrase "it is what it is", in this case, it really applies.  Whatever they decide, they decide.  And I can't do anything but trust that they know what they're doing.  So why the anxiety?  Because I'm Tracey Butler-Johnson, nice to meet you...

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