Sunday, October 18, 2009

No freeze pops

So no frozen embryos this time.  They don't say it, but logic tells me that there must be something wrong with my eggs.  Bad eggs are causing poor embryos which cannot be frozen.  Now I know exactly what they would tell me:  "The good embryos were put back in you"  OK.  Fine.  But if my embryos were so great, then I think one other could make it to the stage where they would be freezable.  Now it's true that embryos need to of super excellent quality in order to freeze (like way better than even the ones that they choose to put back) and of course I would prefer those super excellent ones to be in me.  I just can't help but thinking that with all these bad cycles and no freezable embryos there must be something wrong.  More than just my tubes clearly. 

But it doesn't matter does it??  No.  Because I have 3 babies in my belly ready to go!  Or so we hope.

I am maintaining a very positive attitude.  The crazies have started a little but not so bad.  The crazies consist of me feeling absolutely sure that I'm pregnant one minute and then 30 seconds later I'm convinced that I'll never have a baby ever.  But it hasn't been happening too often, so I think that's really good.  I have a theory that if there are babies growing in me, I would be naturally be ecstatically happy all the time since baby love would be flowing through me (it's a very scientific theory as you can see).  Well I have been in a really happy mood so that's good right??  (Sure, Trace, it has nothing to do with the high levels of estrogen you're currently experiencing...)

Tomorrow is yoga and Zumba class.  I've decided to do both, but "take it easy" at's instructions were to engage in "light aerobic activity" but nothing high impact.  I can't run (darn!) and no jumping or bouncing or fast up and downs and no abs exercises (and I had all those crunches planned too...).  But I can totally handle Zumba I think.  I just won't jump or bounce. 

9 more days............


  1. I want to come down there and give you a big hug (and no...I haven't taken my ambien yet!!!). Mom and Dad have you on their prayer all the nuns are praying for you too!

  2. Trace,
    I wanted you to know that on our 1st round, we were able to transfer 2 embryos and freeze 4. No baby/ies. The next time, they transferred only 2 and NONE of the other several left were freezable. Guess what-- I had twins! ;) Hang in there...