Monday, October 12, 2009

And we're off!

And they're in!  Three grade 1 embryos were transferred to my uterus this afternoon.  The procedure is very simple, though today it was more uncomfortable than ever - just a little more cramping when the catheter went in.  And who did the procedure???  Our very own Dr. Browne!  I was SO EXCITED when we learned this.  I had this fantasy that she requested to be there to do it once she saw we were on the list for the transfer that day.  Reality is that it was her day to be doing transfers...

OK, so you have to go with a "moderately full" bladder so that they can use the ultrasound to get a good look at the uterus to know where to place the little guys.  Since this was my 4th try, i know my bladder and know that I don't have to start drinking my water until 15 minutes before the procedure - come, people who know me, you know I can fill my bladder up in 5 minutes, right?  Easily.  So i get there 30 minutes before the procedure and want to pee one more time before i start gulping the water down.  I go to visit the restroom and the lady behind the desk stopped me!  She said i wasn't allowed!  i thought about becoming outraged - I kept saying "Um, this is my 4th time and I know my bladder" and she made the point that they might take me early.  In the end it was no big deal but it was just weird to not be able to pee when I wanted to, ya know.

OK, so then you go in there and they go over the embryo quality and the final decision about transferring 3 is made.  Then they push really hard like they're digging for something on your lower abdomen with the ultrasound, she inserted the speculum and then the catheter and then the lab lady came out with "3 for Johnson".  They push them in and that's it!

I'm supposed to be in bed right now, but I had to get this written and my laptop is acting funky.  Russ is yelling at me...gotta go. 

Prayers Prayers Prayers that these little guys stick!!!!

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