Saturday, October 10, 2009

Woo hoo!!! 15 eggs!

Woo hoo!!!  15 eggs!  That's a record for us and we are thrilled!  It's amazing that they got so many considering they were only seeing 10 eggs on the ultrasound.  No wonder I was feeling so crazy those last two days - my follicles were working overtime!  The nurse came in to tell us there were 15 and I did an Elaine and yelled "GET OUT!!!"  and then the doctor comes in (Dr. Stillman, had never met him) and tells me the same news and the nurses thought it was funny that I said "Dude, you were really working in there, huh?"  The nurse high-fived me because i called him "dude".  I guess they have to get their fun where they can find it...

OK, so here's my theory:  One of those eggs is our baby.  I realize that it is not a profound theory or anything but it's the one I have come up with.  Seriously, I'm just putting it out there - we are getting a baby this time.  I know I could be eating these words in 18 days (pregnancy test should be on the 27th) but this time i just feel it.  Like there's no doubt, my only question is how many we'll get.  And don't worry, people, I'll be OK if it doesn't work out.  I don't feel like all my "eggs are in one basket"  (pun intended or not?  Not sure here...) because we now know that we have another cycle coming just in case.  It's just that I feel absolute about this.  At least right now.  Tomorrow they could call and tell me none of them fertilized or they were all poor quality.  They won't though.  With the exception of the first cycle where 12 of 14 fertilized, we've always had 100% fertilization.  I wonder if it's happened yet.  My guess is it has by now (it's 2 am).  The babies are growing!!!

So tomorrow we're going to the National Shrine Basilica of the something?  It's the the big-ass Catholic church in DC.  (No is big I believe)  I need to light some candles and pray.  Pray, you question?  YES.  I do pray.  Even though I'm not 100% on board with a religion, I am a Catholic girl at heart and regardless of who or what I'm praying to, I do pray.  A lot.  And the comfort that I get from being in a warm, colorful (albeit UPTIGHT) Catholic church is very helpful to me at times like these.  I was going to go the National Cathedral (Episcopal I think??) but as beautiful as it is, it's so cold.  All stone and no color.  Maybe we'll go there next week after they transfer the little guys back to me.

Lastly, considering that they stuck 15 needles through my uterus and into my ovaries (did I not explain that part??) I feel really great!  A little crampy but the anesthesia (Propofol...just like MJ, I told you!!!) didn't bother me at all - like not at all.  I barely napped when we got home and have been energetic.  I mean I was asleep earlier and now I'm just up cause I'm up.  In the past I've been knocked out for like 8 hours after. 

Alright, so the next step is that they're calling me tomorrow with a report about the little guys.  They'll tell me how many of the 15 were mature at retrieval (therefore ready to go!) and how many fertilized naturally.  Ours have always fertilized naturally, but if they see that it's not going well, they can take one of his sperm and inject it straight into the egg (called ICSI).  Again, we've never had to do that but if they do it's not a big deal.  As Tammi keeps telling me about this cycle, "different is better" because if this cycle is exactly like the others, it will turn out babyless.

OK, back to bed.  St. Elmo's Fire is on...ahhhh...

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  1. I LOVE your blog, Trace! I must admit it brings back so many memories of not only the emotional stress (remember when I broke down at your apt that day?), but also the physical pain of those shots. If I didn't have Darrell (like you have Russ), I wouldn't have made it. He was my little cheerleader as I know Russ is for you. I just cannot believe they are still living in the same houses as us after this. I probably would've taken off in cycle #1!!!