Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Calamari, here I come!

Posting a lot, I know, but a lot is happening.  Went to Shady Grove this morning...I think they knew they screwed up because they ushered me in and took me ahead of others and I liked it!  Then the Dr was all apologetic and told me that it wasn't the nurses fault (sorry for the bad vibes I sent you, Brenda!) but that the doctor (not mine but another one) looked at my stuff and decided one more day was best.  HE didn't note though that triggering should be postponed.  I think HE is the guy in charge of the whole place up in Rockville.  While I am thankful that he is trying to do what it takes to get me pregnant, I could have done without those 10 hours last night/this morning...

So now I'll go out to the car and find a message on my cell saying that I'll trigger and then by 6 pm I should hear about what time I do the shot.  So I'll be out of work Friday and then a lot of next week..probably Wed - Fri to give them lots of time to implant.

It's really really really hard to eat well under the stress I have right now.  And yet I know that it is eating well and exercising that is helping this cycle be successful.  Ugh.  Whatever...I'm still off to Carabbas to meet Shel in MD.  Calamari here i come!  =)

OH and the most fabulous thing???  I found spellcheck again!!!  Woo hoo!  That gives me comfort.  It also makes me weird.

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