Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trigger Time!

We're triggering tonight!!! 
OK, let me explain...
Went to Shady Grove this morning and was told that my left ovary was full of 6 fat follicles ready to go.  My right ovary was being pokey so they weren't sure if they would trigger tonight or tomorrow night.  Triggering means that they tell us when they will do the egg retrieval and then we do a shot of HCG exactly 36 hours before.  Since we're triggering tonight it means that they'lldo the retrieval on Thursday.  That means that I'm done with monitoring appointments at Shady Grove and we're done with almost all my shots!!!  I'll do one more Ganirelix tonight and then, of course, the trigger shot.  That shot is an intermuscular shot with a 2.5 inch fat needle in my butt.  Ooooh...it's rough but honestly, I don't feel a thing.  We ice it before and it's totally fine.
Here's the problem.  They haven't called yet with my trigger time!!  It's 7:30 PM and I still have no clue!!  They do specificaly say that they'll call "tonight" so I'm not too worried yet but seeing as how this is my 4th time around, you'd think I'd remember that they call late, right?  I don't recall this.  I decided that if they don't call by 9 I'll call the doctor on-call.  What else can I do, right?
I'm starting to get nervous now...got those damn butterflies in my tummy which I haven't had at all so far.  I've been so super relaxed.  I need to meditate but how can I when I'm literally staring at my phone.  I keep thinking that they don't have my number, even though they have called my on my cell everyday!  They clearly have the number.  Ugh.
So tomorrow I won't have any shots or anything, jsut taking an antibiotic tomorrow night to make sure I don't get an infection Thursday with the retrieval. 
This means that they'll put the embryos back on Sunday )(day 3) or the blastocysts back on Tuesday (day 5)or Wednesday day 6) (embryos become blastocysts on day 5).
OK, I need to relax. 
Oh, did I mention the fabulous news??  Insurance has approved another cycle after this one (maybe I mentioned that before?) but now I officially have enough meds left over for a whole new cycle!!  So this one is so not the last - although we're getting our babies so hopefully it is right? =)

OK, I will attempt to relax now.
Sorry this post is so eratic.
Times like this I miss spellcheck even mor ebecause I'm writing so carelessly.  Sorry about that.

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