Saturday, October 24, 2009

Living in Fantasy Land...

I feel pregnant.  I believe it to be twins.  There's at least one girl.

Living in Fantasy Land is fun.

I really do feel good about everything though.  I wish I could remember how I felt during cycle 1.  I remember thinking that I was prepared for the worst news and then being floored by the sadness of the news.  It's weird how you can't predict certain things.

Only 3 days left...and I can tell they will be long.  I can tell I'm starting to psych myself into thinking I'm not.  The mind plays crazy tricks.  I have my pity party all set.  We'll go to Cheesecake Factory and order one of everything Tuesday night if it's bad news.  Hey, it's all I got.

1 comment:

  1. You got me...want me to come out...cause i'll be there in like 7 hours. Seriously....let me know....i'm there!! :)